2016 Top Ten guess Heating
Newton said that no bold guess can not make great discoveries. Heating, while not Newton, but standing start in 2016 view of the future, to determine the continued importance of industry trends. Articles period invited senior industry experts for our 2016 Top Ten guess sort heating industry.

Conjecture 1: 2016 cum comfortable home heating industry will grow it?

2015 China-cum-comfortable home heating industry development seems to fall into hard times, most areas of decline trend. Then, in 2016, how will the industry? For the 2016 Chinese boiler industry trends, China Civil Engineering Society of Professional Committee of the main gas heating Renwang Qi believes that by 2016, China ushered in the boiler industry or slightly warmer, but the industry as a whole growth is likely to remain weak. For the 2016 to warm the industry trend, China Construction Metal Structure Association Committee Director Liu radiant heating and cooling that, while in 2016 China floor heating industry will continue to face many development challenges, but it also faces great opportunities: First, high-quality, standardized to warm the construction business is expected to establish a competitive advantage, the second is the rise of emerging markets will to some extent compensate for the lack northern engineering market. For 2016, the trend radiator industry, Song Weimin, China Construction Metal Structure Association Heating Radiator Commission believes, after the industry reshuffle, heating radiator industry will towards; precipitation, systematic, powerful and market credibility; Fourth there are quality companies focused on, and it will to the fine, intensive and systematic direction.

For 2016, Chinese electric heating industry trends, general manager of Anhui Anze Electrical Co., Ltd. Zhang Jun and Chengdu Cable Manufacturing Co., Ltd., general manager of An Laite 陈益光 view that, by 2016, electric heating industry will be more difficult, urgent introduction of appropriate policies to support national electricity heating industry.

Compared to 2016, the industry heating pessimistic market widely held, director of the China Academy of Building Research Center 邓高峰 the low carbon buildings for 2016 new wind industry optimistic about China, she believes that as we deepen the understanding of haze 2016, China will usher in a new wind industry or large-scale development.

Conjecture 2: 2016 Will there be more in favor of air-source heat pump industry policies?

2015 can be described as air-source heat pump industry a lot of good year. ? Then, in 2016, there will be more conducive to the development of air source heat pump industry policies do Beijing Construction Engineering Materials Association building heating Branch Secretary Jinji Zong said, at present, Beijing is prepared; Thirteen Five EEB planning, air-source heat pump will be included and be promoted. In addition to Beijing, Shandong, Hebei, Liaoning and other places will be the introduction of appropriate measures to encourage air source heat pump applications.

China Heat Pump Industry Alliance Secretary-General Song Zhongkui said in 2016, the air-source heat pump is expected to be introduced within the renewable energy sector. By then, the air source heat pump and solar energy are expected to enjoy the same; treatment.

Conjecture III: 2015, Beijing introduced new restrictions on the use of traditional boiler regulations; in 2016, will have more of local government introduced similar legislation?

By 2015, Beijing issued to disable two of the following energy efficiency policies and heating with gas boiler, condensing people exclaimed Chinese boiler industry era large speed. Then, in 2016, there will be other local government introduced a similar policy it? Dickson analysis is not yet concerned about other local governments in the development of similar policies. However, in view of the growing importance of environmental protection, there may be introduced other policies to limit emissions.

Conjecture 4: By 2015, there are many companies involved in the new boiler wind business; in 2016, will have more companies involved in the new air service?

The new wind industry can be described as one of the hottest recent industry. By 2015, more than boiler companies launch new products wind, 2016, there will be more new boiler manufacturers to enter the wind industry do? Li Wei, general manager of Beijing Rui Dian heat, Foshan City, Shi Maisi Kitchen Electric Co. Gui, deputy general manager and regional director of marketing for First-being of Guangdong norco equipment Co. 王广杰 are that the new air services is the trend, fireplaces and high degree of overlap in the fresh air all channels, customers, etc., 2016, is bound to have more of boiler manufacturers Join the industry.

Guess Five:? 2016, home improvement to warm radiator or the overall market retail prices will continue to fall if it is about how much will be lower and lower proportion?

By 2015, the company suffered a widespread home improvement to warm signing terminal price decline pressure. Then, in 2016, this downward pressure on prices will continue to exist? Beijing Weida heating and energy-saving projects Yate Technology Co., Ltd., chairman and general manager of Chongqing 宋伟军 Astor HVAC Equipment Co., Bear Cloud Bridge, Weinan green ring hot Engineering Limited General Manager 安建辉 view that, in 2016, prices will fall home improvement to warm, the days will be more sad related businesses. Bear Cloud Bridge forecast, 2016, home improvement to warm the price would fall by 20%. An Jianhui forecast, 2016, home improvement to warm the price will drop about 10%. Guo Chunyu general manager of Chongqing warm era HVAC Equipment Co., believes that in recent years, home improvement to warm the prices have dropped to close to cost price, if we continue to fall, warm or full to the low-end.

Six guess:? With the advance of natural gas replacement work in 2015, the Yunnan market in 2016 will become a hot market heating the South it is expected to bring the number of sets of household boiler heating system sales?

Small squirrel boiler Southwest Regional Director Liguo Biao believes that the current Kunming gas heating costs more than 3 yuan per cubic meter, with the advance of natural gas replacement work, the next three to five years, Kunming heating market will gradually mature. Vaillant heating and cooling Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Kunming Branch Mr. Li expressed as net present Kunming solar energy applications is relatively common, in addition to fewer extreme cold weather, leading to the slow development of the market in Kunming gas heating. Therefore, as the natural gas replacement work to promote Kunming, Kunming gas heating market is difficult to show explosive growth.

Conjecture Seven: 2015 has been part of the heating company closed in 2016, will usher in a large area of the heating company; closed,; closed shop tide it?

Song Weijun think, due to overcapacity, 2016 or more heating companies have closed down or change jobs. Guo Chunyu said, not related to store heating company will also be laterally expand their business, only to warm the future purely business almost non-existent.

Eight guess: in 2015 the company has more than heating mode try to finance the introduction of the industry, such as installment and banks to return money and other owners of all installed in 2016, these patterns may be popular in the industry do?

Zhejiang Ai Network Technology Co., Ltd., founder of cat Sophie believes that by 2016, to warm the industry and consumer installment credit patterns will increase, such as A cat Mall is currently promoting consumer credit and financial services pre-payment. Jiangsu good to enjoy cozy home integration Managing Taoyong believe that any financial model should meet consumer demand. Such installments, to a certain extent, to meet the needs of some customers, but this model is the threshold, depending on vendor support. At the same time, this model can not be the competitiveness of enterprises, only as an adjunct to daily service, because they allow the customer decides to buy a major factor for the brand and quality of customer trust, rather than a financial service.

Conjecture nine: 2015, some well-known brands of imported boiler or radiator either cut prices or launch domestic product in 2016, this trend will continue?

Wei predicted that by 2016, or imported brands continue to increase market share by cutting prices. East Na Bian Qing, head of China Kim Yong Fan said Kyungdong Na Bian will continue to focus on technology upgrades and product quality, cost-effective upgrade. Especially with the East-纳碧安 building new plant in China, the proportion of production of local manufacturing of products will gradually increase. Marketing Manager Refrigeration Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Vaillant heating Wu Jing said Vaillant Chinese prices will not be adjusted, 2016 Vaillant does not intend to capture the market at low prices.

Ten guess: to warm the construction engineering companies can get new life in the old renovation market?

Injured in 2015 in the deepest winter market HVAC business groups are;? Who is estimated to warm the construction of non-engineering business perfectly. Construction should not have high prices, but also for projects were often in arrears, resulting in part of the project to warm the construction business completely eliminated, the line between life on the part of the project struggled to warm the construction enterprises, most enterprises difficult.

In the whole project to warm the construction industry into confusion when the warm part of the project leader in the field of construction unexpectedly discovered a new opportunity - a comfortable old house Reconstruction home system installation business. Currently, Beijing Weida heating and energy-saving projects Yate Technology Co., Ltd. Liaoning Huayuan HVAC Engineering Limited, Jilin influx of Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Installation Co., Ltd. and other large-scale installation of the warm northern mainstream companies are in the old house to increase market development efforts, and new breakthroughs in the old style, and other fields. Part veteran that, in the warm area of newly started projects plummets, it is possible for the northern tenements market works warm construction companies a new life.