Green building is to solve the "haze crisis" Golden Key
Beijing PM2.5 concentration in the air continued to remain high. To December 1 morning, Beijing for five days of heavy pollution, heavy pollution orange alert over 40 hours this year experienced the most serious pollution process. 30 evening, a number of monitoring stations PM2.5 concentration exceeds 500 micrograms / cubic meter, the peak close to 1000 micrograms / cubic meter. December 1 and 6 am, Beijing still submerged in a gray among the outdoor air into the nose a clear taste. Beijing Municipal Environmental Monitoring Center on real-time air situation map, a purple, the whole city into a severe, severe pollution, southwest of Beijing PM2.5 monitoring stations concentration of 796 micrograms / cubic meter. So that someone laugh; Beijing gone;! Beijing can launch basically fired. For most people, the haze is not just the sky a plaster, it is to capture the soul, mind and body mutilation demons, but in another part of the people's eyes, the haze is not only a negative role. Cut to the wide-angle lens model, we find that the haze has become a powerful driving force for the development of some industries, of which, green buildings bear the brunt of the establishment; beautiful China an important starting point. Green building also reduce haze sky CPC Central Committee and the State Council, the city "on accelerating the construction of ecological civilization" clearly requires, to co-promote industrialization, informatization, urbanization, agricultural modernization and green, to adhere to green development, cycle development , low-carbon development as a basic way, and proposed that by 2020, resource-saving and environment-friendly society construction has made significant progress to more efficient use of resources, carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP intensity than in 2005 dropped 40% to forty five%. China Real Estate Research Association vice president and secretary general, secretary general of China Real Estate Association, Miao music, such as stressed; achieve green development, real estate, construction and property responsibility, we should be green buildings, the main force of China's real estate green building! Energy Conservation Association Deputy Secretary-General Zou Yanqing, said three sources of pollution are transportation, industrial and building; China building Energy Conservation Association are from different areas, different building types embarked on energy-saving work in the field of public buildings like schools, hospitals, shopping malls and other energy-saving space still relatively large. General Manager of Tianjin Climate Exchange Wang Jing pointed out green cities transformation, is to build a low-carbon cities, mainly for the construction of low-carbon emissions, transportation and industrial three aspects, wherein the proportion of carbon emissions, the largest building about 40% of the total social energy consumption. Deputy Director of Municipal and Environmental Engineering Department of Harbin Institute of Technology Building Energy Jiangyi Jiang stressed the green renovation of existing buildings, is the core of the transformation of the community, but also realize the perfect combination of energy saving suitable for living, while effectively reducing haze formation probability. Forced Housing prices haze of green building industrial upgrading the energy crisis, the haze of locking the country, are forced down the line before the green building industry, and the development of green building, has become the industry consensus. The idea of creating green Greenland Group headquarters building, the annual electricity savings of 1,436,000 KWh, economizer amount 508.39 tons, 533.97 tons of carbon dioxide emissions; 2.94 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions; reduce carbon monoxide 832.38kg. By green building development for many years, Vanke year compared with the traditional project can save 61,710 tons of standard coal. Vanke actively promote renewable energy sources, renewable energy generating capacity of more than 1.2 million KWh. If calculated in accordance with the use of the house for 50 years, Vanke 2014 annual certified green Samsung project will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 130 million tons, the equivalent of 330,000 for the city to reduce the displacement of 2.0 cars. Fang Xing real estate projects in Beijing Drainage Jinmao House, Wangjing Jinmao House, Yizhuang Jinmao Yue equipped with ground source heat pumps renewable energy systems, PM2.5 filtration equipment, in addition to environmental haze, whole house water purification system and other advanced technology research and development, residential only to achieve green, low energy consumption, but also to achieve constant temperature and humidity constant oxygen. Green building will be little more than a haze haze is no quick cure drug, a non-exhaustive decade of power is difficult to see the results, regardless of the UK London, or Los Angeles, have spent 30 years of air quality have improved. From the 1960s American architect Paul Luosuolerui proposed new concept of ecological architecture, to January 1 this year, China formally implemented as a national standard of "green building evaluation criteria", the concept of green building in China has taken root after long half-century, although China in promoting green building roads has just started, and encountered more or less difficult, but it is undeniable that, in order to cope with environmental problems such as haze, is bound to the future of green building construction market direction and trends. We are bound to a coalition government and enterprises and the public, jointly shoulder this responsibility, promote green building, to deal with the haze problem for future generations to create a better living environment. Because the haze, the future will significantly accelerate the development of green building. Green buildings; feast will be turned on because of the haze.