Urban heating ultra-low emission technology is expected Breakthrough
November 30, ultra-low emissions of coal-fired boiler technology seminar held in Jinan City, Shandong Province. Chinese Academy of Engineering, Thermal Engineering, Tsinghua University, Professor Yue Guang-xi said, working on new ideas combined with ultra-low emissions of coal-water slurry fuel circulating fluidized bed combustion, Qingdao Trier Company and Tsinghua University, Taiyuan boiler plant, North China Electric Power University has national Science and Technology agency to prepare a joint declaration released by the Division; thirteen five priority to start the project. Yue Guang-xi said the technology is expected to solve the coal dust pollution inside the city and, to dust, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides are less than 5,35,50 mg / m ultra-low emission pollution, and low cost, no secondary pollution problems for ultra-low emission coal-fired heating city offers a whole new way. It is understood that China's energy production and consumption of coal accounts for about 70%. In the coming period, coal is still the subject of energy. However, due to haze in recent years frequently, and our city's coal-fired boiler heating by increasing pressure. Publicly available data, the contribution of the use of coal for PM2.5 accounted for 50% -60%. Yue Guang-xi believe that coal remains China's power industry is the main source of energy. According to national circumstances, in a very long historical period in addition to Beijing and Shanghai, most cities still have to rely on coal-fired heating. China's coal resources in high-ash, high sulfur coal large proportion. Coal washing process produces a lot of waste rock, coal, slime need to use. Fluidized bed combustion is still the best way to large-scale clean basic use of such fuels. ; Coal upgrading process, improve and stabilize commodity coal quality is to achieve China's coal clean and efficient use of an important means and premise. Strategic Planning Research Institute of Coal Science Research Institute coal, researcher Wu Lixin said CWS is one of the advanced technology of coal upgrading process. CWS as a furnace fuel, has good mobility and stability, easy to store, you can spray combustion, high combustion efficiency and low pollution. Concentrated pulp, sealed storage to the user, easy to environmental controls, safe. Suitable economic development and environmental protection requirements, resource-poor areas, suitable for medium and small industrial boilers and furnaces can be used in district heating and industrial steam supply.